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Call for applications: 08 May 2024 to 02 June 2024

Teens / Tales of adolescence / Teenage Dreams

Exbibition in september 2024


Adolescence, a concept that emerged in the 19th century among the bourgeois elite, describes the transition between childhood and adulthood, a fragile balance between dependence and the aspiration to freedom.
At the time, youth from the working or aristocratic classes followed different paths, dictated by work or education under the aegis of masters.
In the twentieth century, with the spread of schooling, the term "adolescence" was extended to a wider population.
However, this new territory of youth was strictly controlled, reflecting the tension between young people's desire for emancipation and society's fear of their rebellious impulses.
In modern societies, the status of adolescents is complex, with their rights and responsibilities evolving over the years. This indeterminacy contrasts with traditional cultures, where clear rites mark the passage to adulthood, easing the transition. The vagueness surrounding adolescence can fuel unease among young people, exacerbated by global concerns such as climate change and political instability, as well as a lack of understanding on the part of adults.

And yet, in the midst of all this confusion, adolescence remains a dazzling period. Emotions explode like fireworks, and the memories created are indelible. It's a time of metamorphosis, when we explore the world, when every experience shines with a unique light, when the future seems infinite.
This exhibition invites us to explore these tales of adolescence, sometimes luminous, sometimes dark, to better understand the richness and complexity of this pivotal stage.


For this project, we have identified three sub-themes related to adolescence, which the artists will be free to interpret in their own personal way.

Imaginations: dreams and dystopias - This first sub-theme explores the worlds created by teenagers. From utopias imbued with hope, freedom and rebellion, to dystopias dominated by chaos, where the future fades under the weight of natural degradation and social instability.

Metamorphoses and rites of passage - This theme highlights the physical and emotional transformations of adolescence, as well as the rituals that mark the transition to adulthood.

Young Adults - This sub-theme explores the stories of teenagers who are thrust too early into adulthood. Out of need or compulsion, they take on responsibilities that should wait, playing roles far more important than their age would suggest, or going through hardships that no one their age should experience.

Works submitted may be produced in a variety of media, with photography given particular preference. We will choose up to three artists, ideally one for each sub-theme.

Curator : Amy Touré


The opening date for applications is 08 May 2024, and the closing date is 02 June 2024, subject to change. Selected applicants will be contacted individually.
All participants will be contacted individually.

Submission of applications

Applications must be sent by e-mail to 1. They will be composed of a series of 2 to 6 visuals (or more if formats are small) and a description of the project as well as the formats of each work. (attached files in jpg or pdf format) A resume and/or addresses of your websites or instagram accounts are welcome.
Participation is open to all and without any limitation. No financial participation is required.

1If you need more information please contact us at the same email address.

Exhibition of works

Selected artists will have their works exhibited for the duration of the exhibition.
The format of the works, their sale price and the gallery's commission rate are mutually agreed, and a contract will be signed between the artist and the gallery.
In the case of photographs, they must be signed and numbered, the number of copies of the prints is limited.
The laureates are responsible for the framing and transportation of their works to and from the exhibition site in Paris and return. Framing systems may be made available to the artists depending on the size of the works.
The Gallery will hang the works. The Gallery does not cover the production costs of the exhibited works.


Participation in this call for applications implies that each artist has the necessary rights and authorizations for the distribution of his or her work. Otherwise, Galerie M cannot be held responsible.

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