Les Arts et les artistes ont besoin des collectionneurs pour exister

Cet appel à projet a fait l'objet d'une exposition qui s'est déroulée from Thursday 30 May 2024 to Saturday 22 June 2024 (voir ici).

Call for applications: 20 November 2023 to 20 January 2024


Exhibition in the first half of 2024

Curious, strange, unusual, extraordinary...
In the spirit of the 19th-century "cabinets of curiosity", this exhibition aims to bring together the unusual and the bizarre. This strangeness may derive from the subject presented, the artistic approach, the form of the work, or even from the artist himself or herself.
While photography will be the preferred medium, other media will certainly be present.


The opening date for applications is 20 November 2023, and the closing date is 20 January 2024, subject to change. Selected applicants will be contacted individually.
All participants will be contacted individually.

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